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Across Arda's Ages  by Rhyselle

Nov 9: Terror (Seventh Age, 1897, England)

aka "Thranduil's Wild Ride" inspired by Jael's "Not Fade Away" universe, and "THE WIND IN THE WILLOWS"

Eyes tightly closed, Legolas Thranduilion held on, white-knuckled, as the left gatepost veered far too close for comfort. He was sure that the ends of his fair hair snagged against the stones before they were past it. How would he explain to Lord Bannoth that after surviving into the Seventh Age, he was killed by his father's new toy?

With a clatter and a loud bang, the Daimler Horseless Carriage came to a lurching halt before the doors of their home. Legolas cautiously opened his eyes to see his father beaming at him through his driving goggles.

"Wonderful, isn't it?"

A/N:  I had this mental image during my morning commute of Thranduil driving madly through the little village near their residence in England before they moved to America, nearly knocking over market stalls, terrorizing chickens and housewives, just like the Disney cartoon "Mr. Toad's Wild Ride" from THE WIND IN THE WILLOWS. I couldn't resist.

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