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Only a Second or Two  by Larner

XXIX.  Cue:  Wrongful accusation


Presumed Guilty

            Peony Burrows continued her tale.  “Esmeralda has been all through Bag End, looking for that locket her father gave her, but can’t find it anywhere!”

            Lobelia leaned to speak confidentially, “Well, if you ask me, that Frodo took it to comfort him for coming away from Brandy Hall.”

            Esmeralda, seated beyond screening plants, gave her cousin Frodo a glance.  Yes, he’d heard it, too--his face was deathly pale and his cheeks bright with embarrassment and fury.

            He raised his voice deliberately.  “Let’s go through the chest you brought, Aunt.  It may have fallen in.”

            Lobelia jumped slightly with surprise.

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