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Only a Second or Two  by Larner

XIX.  Cue:  Three pearls of wisdom.


Thoughts to Live By

            “Words of wisdom?  Oh, my heavens!  What a thing to ask!  Let me think!  Well, first, always remember that it never pays to leave a live dragon out of your reckoning.  I learned that well enough, there at the Lonely Mountain.  And you sometimes have to study to identify who and where the dragon is.  Second, never confuse fearlessness with courage--too often not being afraid is really a sign of rank stupidity and an appalling lack of imagination.  Real courage is doing what needs to be done in spite of your fear.  And third, always carry several pocket handkerchiefs.”


            “Oh, Cyclamen, be grateful for every day you have with those you love, for we never know when we might lose them.  Let your family and friends never doubt your love for them.  Second, don’t ever be afraid of going beyond the borders of your own lands, for I’ve learned that the world is filled with wondrous beauty, always new things to delight in, new people to get to know, new ways to be amazed at.  And never fall to believing, as I did, that you need to do it all yourself, or even that such a thing is possible.”


            “I learned so much on the quest.  I learned that given time and the need to depend on one another even the greatest of prejudices can be overcome.  Look at how Gimli and Legolas have come to be such close friends in spite of their initial mutual disdain for one another!  I’ve learned that no matter how much time one spends with others there is always still more to be learned about them.  And I learned that each has his or her own part to play, and to trust them and the Powers to see what must be accomplished done.”

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