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Only a Second or Two  by Larner

III:  The happiest moment of the past few days


An Unexpected Gift

            “The lads ’n’ me’ve coiled the ropes fer the tents there by the shed, Master Frodo.”

            “Thank you very much, Gaffer.  I’ll tell Bilbo when he returns.”

            “Oh, and Master Frodo, there’s somethin’ fer you, too.  My brother Andy sent it.  His wife--her grandmum worked for the Old Took, and he give her this for her first child.  Anson ought to have it next, but him’s never been one t’read.  And hearin’ as how ye collect books with pictures, she thought as ye’d like it.”

            Frodo accepted the gift, examined it, and smiled, his face alight.  “Elves created it!”

 The other night one of my colleagues left a copy of Tolkien’s Letters in my box at work.  I have no idea as yet who did so, but hope to find out Wednesday.  I’ve looked for a copy for some time--and to have it appear as it did was a joy I cannot express!

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