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Sons of Forgotten Kings  by Cairistiona

Rest, My Friend

In the aftermath of a battle, Halbarad takes charge.† A drabble for Estelcontar.†

Rated G.


"I am not that tired."

Halbarad folded his arms. "So your lips say, but the shadows under your eyes speak otherwise. Get to bed."

Aragorn moved to the next injured man. He knelt but had to brace himself with an arm as he swayed.

Halbarad immediately bent down and grasped his elbow. "Come," he said gently, steadying him as he stood. He led him to a bed and guided him to a seat.

"But I am not..."

Halbarad smiled as he swung Aragornís feet around. Aragornís eyes had already fallen shut. "... that tired. I know. But rest anyway, my friend."

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