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Sons of Forgotten Kings  by Cairistiona

Trust - a drabble

Glorfindel has an enlightening conversation with a very young Dúnadan.


The small boy banged his heels against the stone wall, left-right-left-right, a happy rhythm. He opened his mouth wide and took a huge bite out of the apple he held in his small hand, then pointed up. "See that, Glorfin’l?"

"That cloud?"

"The whole sky."


"Eru thought it up, didn’t He?"

"And the Ainur sang it into being."

"I’m glad He made it blue."

"And when it is pink?"

"Like sunrise? That’s pretty. But blue’s better."

"Blue is very nice."

"Eru is nice."

"How do you know?"

He shrugged. "I just know." He jumped lightly down and skipped away.


"‘Amdir we call it, ‘looking up’. But there is another which is founded deeper. Estel we call it, that is trust. It is not defeated by the ways of the world, for it does not come from experience, but from our nature and first being." - Athrabeth Finrod Ah Andreth, Morgoth’s Ring, page 320

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