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Sons of Forgotten Kings  by Cairistiona

Behold Your King -†a double drabble on Halbarad's first impression of the new Chieftain of the Dunedain.† 2nd Place, 2009 MEFA


Halbarad blinked. Had he heard Elladan aright? This was ... the one?

Heís but a boy, all arms and legs too gangly to wield sword or bow!

His heart sank. He had expected ... well, he was not sure what he expected, but it was not this skinny, shaggy-haired lad standing so uncertainly between the Sons of Elrond. Still, nothing to do for it but accept it. If he is the Heir, he must be afforded every honor, even if he looks too green to know a hilt from a heather. "We are well met. I am Halbarad."

The young man raised his head.† "And I am Aragorn, Son of Arathorn," he said softly, as if the name was still too new to his tongue to speak with ease.

Halbarad looked into the large grey eyes and something deep within him stirred, something so long unfelt that at first he could not place it. When he finally did, joy filled his heart.

Hope had returned.

Tears filled Halbaradís eyes and he dropped to one knee. "If by my life or death I can serve you, my sword is yours."

He knew, beyond doubt or shadow, that their King had come at last.


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