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Between Green Door and Gold Ring  by Larner

A drabble for Elena Tiriel for her birthday.  And thanks so very much to RiverOtter for the beta!

The Research Project

            Ferumbras examined Bilbo Baggins’s study with distaste.  Papers, books, and diagrams littered every surface, with a pile of five thick tomes on the floor.  “What is this?” he asked, indicating the stack of paper filled with Bilbo’s spidery script that lay in the middle of the desk.

            Bilbo looked about himself, obviously distracted.  “This?  Oh, nothing really, I suppose.  Was writing to Gandalf, explaining what I’ve learned of how it is that the feathering patterns on arrows help them fly.”

            Ferumbras found himself rolling his eyes.  Only Bilbo Baggins would want to waste time exploring why something like that worked!

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