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The Best Laid Plans.....  by DADGAD

Tinder and Spark

Near the Carrock, 18 March 3019

Krimp krump, tinder and spark, out of the mountains in the dark

Goblins march and Goblins run, dark the smoke that covers the sun

String the bow and sharp the blade, heavy the iron that goblins made

Slash their throats before the dawn, steal their meat and burn their corn

Scrit sckrat, split and spin, Goblins laugh and Goblins sing

Crinch crunch, munch the bones, save the eyes to feed the crows

Bundle and Burn, slash and maim, Beorn’s land is all aflame……



at the edge of the smoke!

something’s there?

what’s that shadow?

that looks like a bear…..


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