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The Best Laid Plans.....  by DADGAD

Can't See the Wood for the Trees

The Wold of Rohan, March 12, 3019

‘Look, you heard what the Great Eye’s said: Kill the whiteskins, burn their city, scatter their horses, do not let them ride south - direct from the Mouth himself. So get going, you maggots, he wants us there tonight.

‘Lagbash, get your boys up together, keep ‘em running. What’s that, Snikrit? No, we don’t need your sneaking scouts. Let them off and we’ll never see them again. Back to Lugburz in a flash, they’d be.’

‘Right boys, straight through those trees, then a bit south and that’s the way to the Whiteskins city.’

‘No I don’t see nuffing moving there. They’re just trees, they don’t bite, even you, Gabdizh. Here, tell you what, hack some branches off, we’ll use ‘em to burn the city. Come on, last one through’s a Tark……..’

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