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The Best Laid Plans.....  by DADGAD

No Light in the Darkness    

Barad-Dur  March 9 3019

He dares. He dares! A Dunedain. Isildur’s spawn. The insolence. The Insolence!  And he has that sword, and he is strong.

Yet, I had his father killed, and his. Why should he be stronger than them? And let us see how he fares in dark places. Yes, let fumes, smoke, cover the lands. Cover the Lands! All will be dark, nothing shall shine or glimmer.

Know this, my troops, know this, my leaders. You fight under cover. Under my cover, my darkness: It will not break. It shall grasp the enemy in their despair, and it shall hold them there. Cover the sun, cover the stars, darkness is coming, my darkness. It shall not break while you fight. It shall not break now, ever.

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