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Rhyselle's Library  by Rhyselle

Author: Rhyselle

Title: Sing All Ye People

Challenge: November 2010 "Pairs". My words were "High" and "Low".

Rating: G

Beta: None

Summary: In Gondor, music is common during times of celebration--even when some individuals would wish it were not!

Word Count: 100 words

"The sun was low in the western skies, when Manwë's wind did cleanse the air--"

Arwen winced as the high note cracked, and only by strength of will didn't cover her ears. She quickly put on a pleasant expression as the singer appeared around the corner, heading for the dining hall.

"The troops all cheered Sauron's demise, and--Good morning, Mother!" Eldarion interrupted the song to greet her. "Happy Cormarë!" He gave her a hug and continued down the hall. "--And eagles brought the Ringbearers home from there!"

She would be so glad when Eldarion's voice finally settled!

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