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Rhyselle's Library  by Rhyselle

B2MEM Prompt for March 5th: Consider something that you regret: something that you did and wish you could undo, something you didn't do and wish that you had. Think or write briefly about what you would do if you had a second chance and how you think your life might be different without that regret. If your character would have a chance to start anew and with a clean slate, what would he or she do with such a chance? Write a story, poem or create an artwork where this is offered to them or how they execute such a chance. 

B2MEM March 5: Regrets and Resolve  

The Elder King stood on the east-facing balcony, staring out over the Pelori to the Sea beyond, searching his mind as his far-seeing eyes sought out the borders of Middle-earth. The waters, so recently crossed by the mariner Eärendil, glittered in the sunlight, but he saw them not. He finally sighed, "I should have realized that he would never change, Atar." 

From the Timeless Halls, Eru Ilúvatar spoke to his vice-gerent with compassion, *Thou madest the choice thou didst out of love, my son. Thou hadst hope for thine elder brother when all others believed him irredeemable.* 

Troubled, Manwë said, "But because I believed that he had repented of his evil deeds, I caused Melkor to be freed, to be able to work his will on the Children. He poisoned Fëanor's mind against us, and led them to raise blade against each other. He has caused so much pain, Atar, and the Doom that I bade Námo speak has sundered us from those whom you put in our care. We—I—have failed." 

*What is it that thou wouldst do, my child, to redress what thou seest as thy failure?* 

The Vala closed his blue eyes and thought of the plea that Eärendil had made of the Valar. Regardless of the choice that the half-elven made, there was only one path that Manwë could choose. "We will make war once more upon Melkor, and remove him from Arda once and for all." He bowed his head in grief and resolve.

(250 words)

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