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Rhyselle's Library  by Rhyselle

A/N:  Prompt for March 3rd:  In two or three sentences, write about the happiest moment you've experienced in the past two days. 

Create a story, poem, or artwork based on the circumstances, experiences, or feelings associated with that moment.

A Queen's Duty

The ladies of the court are scandalized when they see me sailing paper boats in the fountain with my young son and his slightly older sisters, my skirts caught up like a peasant woman washing her linens in a stream, my feet bare on the grass and my hair blowing in the breeze, unbound by crown and veil. 

"Leave them to the nurse," they tell me. It isn't proper for one of my rank to kneel beside the tub, scrubbing behind my children's ears and spoiling my gown with soapsuds. It shouldn't be me who pulls the linen shifts down over their tousled, dark heads and tucks them into their beds, ready to tell them a bedtime story. Their childhood years will swiftly flee as minutes, hours and days go by, and all too soon they will be adults taking up their destined responsibilities, and my arms will be empty of their linden-scented warmth. 

So tonight I will fulfill my most cherished duty, and be rewarded by hugs and kisses and loving laughter, seeing my beloved Aragorn in their soft features as they snuggle into their down pillows. I blow out the lamp and stand in the doorway as the nurse clucks her disapproval, burning the image of them all, innocently sleeping, into my memory. My lord husband comes to find me, to bring me back to my guests; but not before he, too, kisses them and sings softly of sailing the night away on Vingilot with their great-grandfather, Eärendil.

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