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Rhyselle's Library  by Rhyselle

Olw wrapped his arms about himself, weeping, his head bowed as he walked the edge of the surf. The salt water lapped about his feet, as if trying to draw him into the sea. Behind him lay the island which was to transport his brother'sno, now his peopleto Aman. The stars above were masked by a low bank of clouds and it seemed to Olw that the land itself mourned along with him.

He had to take them onwards; there was no choice. The Light of the Trees had shone in Elw's eyes, but the Sea itself called Olw, and he could no longer resist it.

Yet his heart was torn, for still Elw was missing, and he dreaded stepping forth into the unknown without his brother, next to whom he'd grown at Cuivienen.

"Why weepest thou, child?"

Olw started, and whirled to face the one who had spoken, just as a wave caught at his ankles. He stumbled and ended up on his hands and knees; the wet sand sliding back towards the sea with the retreating tide dragged at him insistently.

He looked up to find the Lord of the Waters standing before him, sea green hair and beard streaming with water, the Ulumari suspended from a baldric slung across Ulmo's chest, and a gentle smile on his face.

The Teleri bowed his head in respect before stammering. "II miss my brother, lord."

An odd expression crossed the Valar's face for a moment and Olw thought he heard the words As I miss mine, in his head.But Ulmo said nothing, and the Eruhin decided that he had imagined it. He hesitantly continued, "Until now, I could hope that Elw would find his way back to us who love him. But," Olw sat back on his heels and looked past Lord Ulmo towards the headland where the Teleri campfires flickered, "now we leave these lands forever, and he is not here." Fresh tears trickled down his face. "Will I ever see him again, lord? Will I ever embrace my brother again?"

Ulmo raised Olw up and drew him into a comforting embrace, gazing down into tear-wet grey eyes. "That I cannot tell, child, for there are some calls that are even stronger than the call of the Sea. However, that does not mean that you should give up hope. Remember that all will be as Ilvatar wills it." He bent his head and kissed Olw on the brow.

Olw's knees buckled and only Ulmo's arms kept him upright as a wave of love and reassurance poured through his fa. When he came to himself, the tide had turned. As the foam-tipped waves soaked him to his knees and retreated once more, it seemed to carry away at least some of the pain of parting.

"Come, child," Ulmo said gently, "it is time to start your voyage."

* * * * *

A/N: Written for The Tolkien Tango Prompt #15: WOUNDS. I haven't found any fics that address Olw's perspective on having to take over when Elw went missing. The muse kindly decided to provide one! :)

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