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Rhyselle's Library  by Rhyselle

Elladan Elrondion peered at the masses of bound and scrolled parchment, a puzzled expression on his face. "But you always tell me the stories I want to hear."

The Peredhel scooped Elladan up into his arms, nodding. "Yes. But they are here as well. Stories about things that happened long ago. Some are from far away places and some are about things that happened right here. And, little one, these can tell you stories even when I'm not able to stop what I'm doing to tell you one."

"Really, Ada?" Bright grey eyes widened, and a grin appeared. "Show me!"

* * * * *

A/N:  Junomagic proposed a drabble challenge for International Literacy Day (September 8, 2008).  Write a 100-word drabble that begins and ends with the same letter.  I chose E, obviously.  I still recall that wonderous day that I realized that I could read.  The awe, joy and excitement I felt then are still clear in my memory and I can't help but smile as I open a new fic file to read or the cover of a book for the first time.

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