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Rhyselle's Library  by Rhyselle

A/N: Inspired by Fiondil's Valar fics on this site, and offered as an Easter gift for my fellow authors and readers. May God bless you this Easter-tide, and may we always remember the greatest Gift He has given us.... Himself.


"I don't understand why we were to leave the scars," Est said, stroking her fingertips over the hair of the occupant of the couch she stood next to. "Re-embodiment has always removed the evidence of injuries from the prior life."

Slightly behind her, his arm around her waist, Irmo's attention was focused on the sleeping Reborn, as he urged the fa to awaken in the body.

On the other side of the couch, Nmo did not remove his amaranthine gaze from the face of the Reborn, but Manw looked up at the Vali. "Atar wishes it so," he said simply.

All four, as was true of the other Valar who stood behind them, appeared calm and serene. And yet, there was a sense of excitement and awe that underlay the peacefulness of the cottage in the Garden of the Reborn, and infected all in the near vicinity.

The figure on the couch stirred, breathed deeper, and then the eyes opened, to meet the waiting gaze of the suddenly kneeling Valar.

He smiled gently, and raised His hands towards them, and the brilliant light of Anar that streamed through the window of the chamber clearly illuminated the nail-prints in His wrists.

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