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Branwyn's Bijoux  by Branwyn

Written for the "Six Days of Spooky" Challenge


“You’re lookin’ for proof of the afterlife? Well, I don’t suppose the ghosts care whether or not we believe in ‘em.

"But, yes, I’ve heard the Indian. When I take the boat out early and the water is calm. The Micmac call him 'Wave-singer.' Once I even saw him. Looked like a brave with his hair in long braids, but he was dressed all queer, not how you’d expect for a Redman.

“What was he singin'? Saddest song you ever heard. Not even the Micmac can understand the words, but he must have lost every last thing that he loved.”


A/N--the Micmac are a Native American people who live in New England

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