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Laire's Assorted Drabbles and Ficlets  by Aelaer

Originally written and posted on LJ Nov 2008.

"She was little changed, for the mortal years had passed her by; and yet her face was more grave, and her laughter was now seldom heard." -The Tale of Aragorn and Arwen

Summer 2980 TA

When Arwen had come back to Lórien only after a few years in Rivendell, Galadriel had been surprised. While half a dozen years may seem a great while to mortals, six years was nothing to one of the Eldar. What immediately concerned her, however, was the sudden change in her granddaughter's countenance. She had greeted her grandparents gladly and she wore a smile on her face, but the smile was shallow. What had most changed about her, however, was her eyes. They wore a haunted look that was unnatural for an elleth as young as she. At first Galadriel had thought that this unhappiness was but a phase that would soon pass, but as time went on Arwen remained the same.

She had spoken with her daughter's child about her time in Rivendell, and Arwen's eyes would become light again when she spoke about her brothers or her father. Her eyes would absolutely sparkle with delight, however, when she spoke of a young man she called 'Estel'. Galadriel had known that Elrond had taken in the latest of Isildur's heirs as his own and called him such, but the glint in the elf's eyes was more than sisterly affection. At one time she asked Arwen what she thought about this Estel, but for the first time in her life Arwen was not open with her on her thoughts, and she dropped the subject.

Galadriel had a feeling that her granddaughter was unsure as to what to make of her emotions, but Arwen did not see the light that the Lady saw when she spoke of Estel.

So when Isildur's heir unexpectedly came to the borders of Lórien, weary and looking for rest, Galadriel felt some hope for her granddaughter for the first time in over twenty years.

Arwen often took refuge in the Lady's private gardens, and that is where Galadriel found her the day Estel came to Caras Galadhon. She was watching two birds dancing with one another throughout the glade, and the haunted look was stronger than she had seen for many years. Hopefully Estel would live up to his name.

"My dear child," said Galadriel in greeting as she sat down beside her, "your thoughts darken your eyes. Will you allow me to help you and let me share your burden?"

Arwen sighed, and for the first time since her arrival in Lórien, shared some of her darkness with her grandmother. "I feel that I ever come closer to a decision that will change many things, and break many hearts."

"Do you know which path is the right one?"

"The right one? Both seem wrong, for both would cause hurt to those I love. But- but I know which road I will choose when the time comes to make the decision, for it is the one my heart would bid me choose."

"Then follow that road," said Galadriel. "Pain is inevitable on Arda Marred, yet I know you are wise enough to make the right choice."

"We shall see," was her only reply.

To her grief Arwen's eyes were still shadowed, and so Galadriel made a decision of her own. "At the sun's setting," she started, "go to Cerin Amroth, and there wait. You may find something there that will lighten your heart."

Her granddaughter looked startled by the sudden advice, but Arwen knew well never to take her grandmother's words lightly. "I shall."

"Good," said Galadriel. She stood and smiled down upon the other. "I will speak with you further if you wish, but for now there is something I must see to." Arwen only nodded and went back to watching the two birds.

Galadriel quickly left the glade and headed to her own talan. There were a few things she needed to prepare before she sought out Isildur's heir.


I came to quite a few conclusions from the passage at the beginning.

*I figure that Arwen stuck around Rivendell when there was chance for Aragorn to come wandering by. When he left for Rohan, I imagine she left Rivendell soon after. There is no given date in the Appendices.
*Because of this quote, I think she knew she felt something for Aragorn, but wasn't quite sure what to make of it, nor what to do with her own life.
*Galadriel saw this and meddled. Because she's Galadriel.

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