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Neath Anor, Ithil, and Gil  by Larner

Authorís Notes

††††††††††† Another collection of stories has reached the propitious tale of a hundred, and again I will close it off here, beginning other collections for those tales that are not Frodo- or Bilbo-centric for the future.

††††††††††† I thank all of those who have responded to what Iíve written so far, and hope people will continue to read and comment as they can.† Special thanks are given to those who have offered corrections and suggestions.

††††††††††† Tolkienís world is enormous, with a history and population that is remarkably diverse and fascinating.† To add my own portions to the story he has begun and bequeathed to us is delightful, and I am ever grateful to him for the gift of Arda as to those who share in the delight and development of it.

††††††††††† Thank you again, and be on the watch for other tales as they come.

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