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Branwyn's Bric-à-Brac  by Branwyn

Note: Mormegil, Denethor's courtly manservant, appears with the gracious consent of Annmarwalk.


“So what did he say in reply?” the tailor asked.

“He released me from his service.”

“Mormegil, I do not believe it.”

“Believe it,” the steward’s manservant replied.

“You merely..”

“I merely tried to send for a healer, which should have been done hours past. I have served our lord for three score years, yet it seemed I spoke with a stranger. He sent me away, having no need of more meddlers,” Mormegil said flatly. “So now we must stand aside while Lord Faramir sickens.”

“Surely the other servants—“

“Will do nothing. Like rabbits will they cower before him.”

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