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My Sword Sings - Book One - 'My Sword' Series  by Agape4Gondor

Targon ran into the room, breathless. He leaned against the wall, trying to collect himself.

Captain Baranor strode forward. "What news? You were sent to bring back food."

"They have discovered Boromir is gone. They just now sent troops to the dungeons. They will find the others have escaped. The Citadel is in an uproar. Soldiers are running everywhere. There is no escape!" the lad cried in panic. "We are trapped."

Captain Baranor smiled kindly at the boy. "We are not trapped, young lad. Keep to your cooking and let your elders plan our escape."

Théoden King moved forward. "We need more weapons. We have doughty men here, and a woman," he checked himself as he looked at Indis, "who can wield a sword and help us defend Boromir. Send someone to collect them, and let us fight."

Motioning to Captain Amlach, Captain Baranor said, "Let us find swords for our friends that they may raise their hands in defense of Minas Tirith!" Amlach smiled, bowed, and left the room.

"Much as my sword longs to run itself through that usurper, our first concern is Boromir," Indis said. "I would take him away from here, quickly and quietly."

"A good thought," Éomund said. "I can fight, but in a sustained battle, I would be useless. Let Indis and me take him back towards the Houses. Once we get there, it is an easy step to the Silent Street. We can stay there, hidden, until the battle is won."

"We will bandage the boy, as we did Grimbold," Siriondil suggested an alternate plan, "and take him with us. I can hide him in the Houses. None would look there."

"That is the better plan," Théoden King agreed. "The leech is a familiar sight in this area, I would think. That seems to be the easiest and safest plan."

"But I want to stay and fight!" Boromir interrupted. Théodred stepped to his side. "And I too!" Both boys were vehement. "It is my city," Boromir said slowly and quietly. "It is my city that he has desecrated. I am old enough to fight, am I not?"

"You are old enough," Captain Húrin bowed before him, "but you are also the Steward and must be protected at all costs. Therefore, young lad, I would brook no arguments from you. As Steward, you know you give orders and they must be obeyed, as your father did. Give us the order, now, to fight and wrest Minas Tirith from those who have taken her. Then, we may present the Chair and the Rod to you in peace. Let your Captains do this for you, my Lord."

Boromir lowered his head in grief. "I will obey. Is not that the way of a good leader? My Adar taught me so. That to be a good leader, once must first learn to be a good follower?" Tears fell down his cheeks. "I am tired anyhow. I will do as you ask."

Siriondil quickly stepped forward, wrapped the boy's head with the bandage cloth and led him forward, Ioreth following behind.


A small band was seen in the west, huddled against the Rammas Echor. Prince Imrahil brought his hand up and the Knights of the Swan stopped. "Galador, what do you see over there?"

"It is a cart and a few people."

"But there is more. Are those not horses?"

"Aye, my Prince, they are. But no ordinary horses. I see now why you stopped. They are from the Mark, horses of the Rohirrim!"

"My thoughts exactly. Send a patrol… Nay! I will go myself. Send the men ahead, make sure the horns sing out our approach. I will take Captain Ciramir and his men with me. Meet us at the Great Gate; wait for me. Something more is amiss here and I would discover it."

Galador bowed and rode to the front of the column. Captain Ciramir, motioned forward by Prince Imrahil, met him. "My Lord?"

"There are horses of the Rohirrim over yonder. I would investigate. Would you and your men like to join me?"

Captain Ciramir smiled. "Aye, my Lord. Lead on."

Ragnhild stopped him. "My Lord. I ask that I may accompany you?"

"It is too dangerous."

"Others of my company have been in danger these past weeks; I would be part of that, for my own sake."

He smiled. "Then come along and be quick about it."


Listöwel's head rose as she heard the horses approaching. "My Lord," she cried out to Éofor. Riders draw near."

Éofor quickly stood, drew his sword, and ran forward. The leech stood behind him. "Stay!" Éofor commanded loudly.

The horses pulled up and Listöwel cried out in recognition. "Prince Imrahil! Captain Ciramir! Oh my lords, how good it is to see you. Is that your army that waits over there?"

Prince Imrahil quickly dismounted and hugged the woman. "It is so good to see you again. And Faramir," he shouted in delight, though his eyes clouded as he saw the little one before him. "You have been in a battle yourself, my Lord?"

Faramir giggled and hobbled forward, placing his good arm around his uncle. "Bad men were bringing me to you. You would have slain them, would you not?"

"For you! Aye. But are you well, my nephew?"

Faramir smiled. "As long as we can save Boromir, I am well. Have you come to save Boromir, Uncle?"

"Boromir?" Imrahil looked questioningly at Listöwel.

"He has been… detained in the dungeons of the Citadel, according to Faramir. Théoden King has gone into the city to rescue him."

Prince Imrahil shook his head. "Théoden King is here and in the city? I see no evidence of Rohirrim, except the horses you hold here."

"He sent his army to hide in the shadows of the White Mountains, near Eilenach. They were instructed to return today. They should be coming from the North soon. Théoden would not wait for them, though. He deemed it better to sneak in as a fox to Minas Tirith and try to free his son and Boromir."

"His son is also prisoner?"

"Aye. And Éomund and Indis." She smiled as Ragnhild dismounted and ran towards her. "You did well, Counselor! Thank you!"

"You tell a strange tale, Listöwel," Prince Imrahil continued. "Let us not tarry then; let us enter and help our friends. Ride next to me so that we may talk further."

"My Lord. We can enter the city near here, using the same secret way that Théoden King did. It would be faster and my heart misgives me."

They rode to the wall, dismounted and left their horses with the healer. Opening the door, they paused for a moment, letting their eyes become accustomed to the gloom before them. Then, Listöwel pushed her way through. "We dare not tarry, my lords."

Prince Imrahil smiled at Captain Ciramir, rolled his eyes, and moved through and down the stairs.

Only three flights had they passed, when they saw movement to their left. Holding themselves against the stair's wall, they drew their swords. Listöwel pressed Faramir behind her. The lad had shown such stubbornness when Imrahil tried to leave him behind, that the Prince had finally relented, making Faramir vow he would keep to the rear and run at the first sign of danger.

"Amlach!" the boy cried out. Indis put her hand over Faramir's mouth, but it was too late. A man stepped out of the shadows.

"Faramir! Is that you?" he ran forward and stopped short as Prince Imrahil's sword pointed at his throat. "I am a friend," Amlach whispered, not daring to move. "Captain of Osgiliath and friend of Lord Denethor."

Prince Imrahil lowered his sword. Faramir ran to the man. Captain Amlach's brow raised as he noted the sling and the deep cut on the child's face. He picked him up and hugged him gently. "Your brother has been worried about you, little man," Amlach said quietly. "He will be pleased you are safe. But what are you doing in the city?" He turned accusing eyes upon the Prince. "It is not safe here. Théoden King had rescued the lad from this very place and you return him!" he snarled.

Faramir put his hand to Amlach's cheek, turning the face towards him. "I would not let him leave me behind, Captain. I am safe with these men. Look! Here is Captain Ciramir too!"

Amlach was quickly engulfed in a great hug from behind. "You are a fine sight, Amlach!" Ciramir laughed. "A fine sight indeed. Where are the others?"

"They are four levels above us, in a room off the Great Hall. Come! I am on an errand to secure weapons and return. Come with me and help me carry my burden."

They turned down a hallway and found the armory for the Third Company. Filling their hands with swords, halberds and spears, they returned to the hallway, turned right and ran up the stairs. Captain Amlach put his hand up. "Faramir." He turned to the child. "You must stay here for a moment, till I make sure all is well. Indis, will you stay with him?"

"I will and Éofor will also. Hurry!"

They went through a door to their left and entered the hiding room. All greeted them with joy. "We have just sent Boromir out with the healer and were awaiting arms," Húrin said, after their greetings and introductions were complete. "Now. Let us go forward. Théoden King's men should be entering the Pelennor as we speak, and with Prince Imrahil's army coming from the south, Amandil will be quaking."


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