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My Sword Sings - Book One - 'My Sword' Series  by Agape4Gondor

Night fell, horses were billeted, the meal was taken, and the camp settled down. Indis lay in the cart, her heart beating wildly. Their course of action was dangerous, she understood that, but what caused her distress, as she lay in the quiet warmth of the furs Théodwyn had given them, was the memory of the wain's crash. Even with her eyes open, a part of her could see it. She wanted to pull the boys to her and never let them go.

"I must speak with you, Amma," Boromir whispered into her ear.

"I thought you asleep," she answered in surprise.

"How may I sleep when I see your eyes constantly shift as if you are frightened, watch the scowl on the King's face grow long, and see Théodred's eyes fastened upon his father? Adar taught me well how to watch for signs. I will be squire in just a few short months. Do you think I am going to that appointment untrained? I am to be the next Steward, am I not." It was not a question, but a statement. "Has not Adar trained me all these long years for that? Though I be but eleven, Amma, I am ready. Aye, even if I must take the Rod now, though I would it were not so, that Adar were here with us instead." Tears fell in a rush as he spoke the brave words. "I am my Adar's son, Amma." He did not bat the tears away, as was his wont. He let them fall. "I know my duty."

She bowed her head to him. "Forgive me, my Lord." She sat in silence considering her response. Finally, she raised her head. "I have taken council with Théoden King. He advises me to place your uncle, Prince Imrahil, as Steward until you come of age. Then, Prince Imrahil would pass the Rod to you."

"What think you of that, trusted counselor of the Steward?" Boromir asked quietly.

Surprised again, Indis stared at him.

"Do you think I do not know that you were Adar's chief counselor? So now you will be my counselor, will you not?" he asked gently.

"Boromir. Many terrible things have happened, things you do not know of. I myself am not wise enough in the ways of the world to counsel you as fully as you would need if you were to become Steward now. This is not the world I grew up in."

"This was no mishap with the cart, is that what you are saying? Did you think that I would believe it was but an accident? I know the men of Rohan. They leave nothing to chance. The traces would have been inspected and sound before we ever began our journey. That they broke leads me to believe they were tampered with after we left Edoras."

"'Tis true, Boromir. Théoden King believes it was no accident. We are leaving, in stealth, at the mid night hour."

"Will you pass the Rod to him, to Uncle Imrahil?" His eyes were large, but boyhood had left them.

"Nay, I will not. Théoden King believes I agreed to his plan, but I did not. He wants your uncle made Steward; I will accept him only as Regent."

"'Tis true, I am but a lad, not yet grown. Give me the Rod, Amma, and I will appoint you Regent. You will rule Gondor until you deem me ready. I will not let the title pass to another, even if it be to my own uncle. He is not of the line of Húrin. Adar's father's fathers would not allow it."

"My Lord, there are other considerations."

"The assassin. Aye. Who would do this, Amma? Was it hatred of Adar? Was it the need of power? What was it caused Adar's death?"

"I have no insight on this, Boromir. I truly wish I did. I cannot begin to think who among those we count as friends and relations, nor any in Gondor, who would do such a thing. But more importantly, no matter the reason for your Adar's death – to consider taking yours and Faramir's life? I find it loathsome. I can comprehend nothing more heinous."

"Should Faramir be sent back to Edoras, Amma?"

She drew in her breath. 'His thoughts are like lightning!' She calmed herself. "'Twould probably be safer. Could you stand being separated? Could Faramir?"

"I could, if only to protect him. Otherwise, nay. And I will be hard-pressed to continue my life as it was with Adar gone. Faramir's safety is the only thing I care about at this moment; I cannot lose him, too, Amma."

"I know." She sighed and wearily rubbed her hand over her forehead.

"Faramir is so young. The loss of your Naneth only a few short years ago; now you have lost your Adar. I deem it too cruel a blow to leave him here, alone, though I realize your concern. Now that we know the danger, we will be able to protect him," she said to assuage Boromir's fears. "I promise, Boromir, as your Regent, my first concern will be your safety and the safety of your brother." Impulsively she enfolded him in her arms. "This will be my last embrace as your aunt, dearest nephew." Tears coursed down her face.

He returned the hug with all his might. "I trust you in all that you do, my regent. Teach me as quickly as you are able."

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