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Ten Thousand Years Will Not Suffice  by Agape4Gondor



Second son of Denethor born



Daughter of Firieth; healer's assistant in Houses of Healing



Denethor made Captain-General; Berelach becomes aide to Denethor



Indis, Elleth, Listöwel and Finduilas serve in the Houses of Healing;



Denethor takes Imrahil to Osgiliath for training; Denethor wounded in Orc ambush;



Battle of the Harad Road






Dúinhir becomes Lord of Blackroot Vale; Finduilas goes with Indis and



Listöwel to Osgiliath; Finduilas finds 'Kings and Stewards' game;



Denethor teaches Boromir how to fish; Ecthelion dies;



Denethor becomes 26th Ruling Steward of Gondor






Son of Imrahil born






Firieth dies of fever; Arciryas becomes Denethor's family healer; Siriondil becomes



Master Healer; Denethor sends Finduilas to Dol Amroth with Listöwel;



Finduilas dies on the road; Denethor goes to Emyn Arnen to mourn;



Amdir dies in Orc ambush; Berelach is aide to Denethor






Listöwel returns from Dol Amroth; she becomes Faramir's nanny;



Elleth, Amdir's mother, dies; Ingold rides to Ithilien and is killed by Orcs;



Denethor uses the Palantír; Húrin made Captain of East Osgiliath;



Amlach made Captain of West Osgiliath; Baranor returns to Lossarnach as Lord;



Éomund weds Théodwyn; Denethor, Indis, Arciryas, Boromir and Faramir attend;



Denethor and the boys go for an outing.






Captain of Henneth Amrûn



Captain of Cair Andros



Captain of Pelargir



Son of Imrahil born



Boromir becomes esquire in Gondor's army; Théodwyn pregnant with Éomer;



Denethor sees the Plains of Gorgoroth and Barad-dûr in the Palantír;



Mithrandir visits Minas Tirith; Faramir meets him; Listöwel, Boromir and



Faramir sent to Dol Amroth; Boromir to represent Denethor; Indis and



Denethor go to Osgiliath to meet with captains and plan strategies;



Forges built in Pelargir and Osgiliath; Imrahil takes Boromir and Faramir to



Edhellond; Faramir sees an Elf; Denethor arrives in Dol Amroth;



Argument with Adrahil; Denethor follows and meets with his sons in Edhellond






Faramir - Becomes esquire in Gondor's army






Boromir - 1st stationed at Amon Din



Amlach - Captain of West Osgiliath; wounded - retired; becomes tutor to Boromir






Aide to Gildor; Dúinhir's son



Aide to Gorlim; Dúinhir's son



Captain of the First Company of the Citadel; commander of the united forces of



South Ithilien during the battle of Emyn Arnen.



Captain of the Second Company of the Citadel; nickname 'Tall Man'; commander of



the united forces of North Ithilien during the battle of Emyn Arnen.



Captain of Osgiliath; 4 years older than Boromir



Soldier and friend of Boromir



Boromir's lieutenant and second; stationed in West Osgiliath for the last 5 years



Lieutenant with Second Company of the Citadel; asks to become Boromir's 2nd



Faramir - falls and almost dies on Mindolluin; Boromir - made Captain-General and



Heir to the Stewardship; given the Keys of the Realm; Estrangement between



Denethor and Faramir begins; Húrin - Newly promoted Captain of the Third



Company of the Citadel, just returned from captaincy of East Osgiliath;



Denethor tells Boromir of Curunír; Orcs from the Ephel Dúath attack Osgiliath;



Easterlings from the Black Gate attack Cair Andros; Haradrim attack Emyn Arnen;



Battle of Emyn Arnen; mûmak is part of Haradric forces against Denethor






Éomund - Killed by Orcs, early spring; Théodwyn - Dies in grief, late summer



Denethor and Faramir go to Osgiliath to meet with Boromir after long absence;



Denethor battles, loses over one thousand men, uses Palantír regularly,



casts Faramir from him, repents later; Mithrandir visits Minas Tirith;



Théodred - Coming of age ceremony; later that year becomes Third Marshal of the



Riddermark; Éomer and Éowyn become wards of Rohan; taken in by Théoden;



Faramir confides in Indis; Faramir and Indis go to Edoras; Faramir promoted to



Captain of Dol Amroth garrison; Faramir, Imrahil, Elphir and Erchirion go to



Edhellond on an adventure; Boromir sent to garrison at base of the Falls of Rauros;



returns to Minas Tirith in the late fall; Faramir discovers abandoned Corsair ship.



Assassination attempt upon Denethor; Berelach (aide) saves him;



Boromir is at Cair Andros; Prince Adrahil dies; Faramir goes as Denethor's



representative; Berelach promoted to Captain of Cair Andros; Faramir promoted to



Captain of Pelargir; Boromir sent to Dol Amroth.






Son of Galmod; councilor to Théoden



Doorward of the Golden Hall (Edoras)



Denethor and family travel to Edoras; Morwen Dies; Indis Dies; Listöwel Dies






Arciryas dies













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