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Yule Mathoms 2005  by Gwynnyd

prompt forDecember 19 - 5 wily wizards


More Than the Wise Know

We love the small things and do not call attention to ourselves nor meddle with the unknown sweep of history. Content to watch the grand things pass us by; we avoid the chiefs of our order, ranging far wider than they. We bring news to isolated peoples, because Arda is not constrained to their horizons. When we pass, a heart is lightened, love grows, a child cherished who saw only neglect before, or a plague ends more quickly.

Our chiefs call themselves wise, but we are the five wily wizards - cunning and secret bringing hope to all free people.


Of this Order (the Istari) the number is unknown; but of those that came to the North of Middle-earth, the chiefs were five. Chiefs, to me, imply some subordinates.

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