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Yule Mathoms 2005  by Gwynnyd

prompt for December 17 - 8 eager elves


Different Perspectives

The muster had been called for the second hour, but long before then the courtyard rang with horseplay among the eight striplings waiting for Glorfindel to escort them on their first serious foray. Celebrían, on her balcony, watched the elves, none of whom had seen fifty summers, with a wash of sadness.

“This should not be necessary. No great evil remains.”

Elrond draped a comforting arm on his wife’s shoulder. “So it was said also after the breaking of Thangorodrim, and still Sauron caused much grief. It is best they be prepared.”

The courtyard erupted in yells as Elladan snatched a knife from the belt of another youth and led him a frantic chase that ranged over the pillars and across the paving. He tossed the knife across the courtyard to Elrohir, who deftly fielded it, flipped it and, with a half-bow, handed it back to its owner hilt first.

Elrond chuckled. “You cannot deny that we have bred warriors.”

“They are not invulnerable.” Celebrían heard the anguish in her voice.

“There is little danger in this task and Glorfindel will teach them well.” Elrond gave her a hug. “They are not as undisciplined as they look now, only eager.”

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