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Shire Songbook  by Lindelea

A/N The lyrics need work; sorry. Have been wrestling with this song the better part of a month. The tune came easily, but the words are not so obliging.

Don't Go...

This is an old tune amongst Shire-folk, found in all the Farthings and as far away as Bree. Several versions are in existence, each telling of a tragedy.

In one version, the mother and wife of a hobbit tell him "Don't go wandering no more," and he promises to stay at home after a last journey... from which he never returns. In another, they tell him not to go sailing, but he ends up "going to Sea" -- never to be seen again. And whenever a pony race is run anywhere in the Shire, you'll hear the version copied here.

(Wife) With the race on the morrow, I blinked back a tear
Clinging tight to his hand, I said, "Promise me, dear,
You'll go racing no more!"
(Mother echoes) Don't go racing no more!
(Wife) 'Tis my greatest wish and my fondest desire,
That you'll stay safe and warm with me, here by the fire.

(Brother) Your pony is clever, your pony is fast.
And if you go racing, you'll hardly come last.
But go racing no more!
(Wife echoes) Don't go racing no more!
(Brother) For if he should stumble, O if he should fall,
You'll go down 'neath the hoofs of the followers all.

(Hobbit) My pony is clever, my pony is fast.
But I'll promise you now that this race is my last.
I'll go racing no more!
(Mother echoes) You'll go racing no more!
(Hobbit) With a babe on the way, 'tis my fondest desire
To win one last race, then stay home by the fire.

(At the same time, wife sings)
Love, promise me, you'll go no more
Racing a-gallop to finish before
Stay, go no longer to the race
Stay at home today
Here by the fire, I ask thee to stay with me,
Close by my side I ask thee forever to stay.

(Wife) The flowers are sweet where my dear one doth lie,
And I visit each evening to weep and to sigh,
He'll go racing no more.
(no echo)
The pony did stumble, the pony went down,
Leaving my dearest love to lie under the ground.

For the music, please click "Here". Be patient, it may take the midi file a moment or two to load.

Please remember that this music is protected by copyright law.

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