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Shire Songbook  by Lindelea

Throw Another Log on the Fire

The celebrations and festivities of the Yuletide are over, and yet winter stretches before us with its long nights and blustery days. But the snowdrops are preparing to poke their shoots over their coverlet, and the world is turning towards the springtime, longer days, and quickening of new life. And there are comforts and benefits, even to this season of anticipation.

For music (midi) please click here.

The wind's song is rising high
As the clouds grow thick and cover the sky.
Another storm is drawing nigh;
Throw another log on the fire!
Grandad tells a shivery tale
As the shutters bang in the teeth of the gale
We're safe and warm where no storm can prevail;
Throw another log on the fire!
Now all the family gathers round
As we blend our voices in joyful sound
More blessed folk were ne'er to be found;
Throw another log on the fire!

For music (midi) please click here.

(Please remember that this music is protected by copyright. Thanks!)

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