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A Darkened Heart  by Beethovens7th

A Darkened Heart

By Beethoven’s 7th

This drabble was inspired and written while watching Fellowship of the ring, during the fellowship's journey down the river.

As around a bend of the river the steward’s son sailed, the Argonath Kings loomed overhead ever watchful.  The recent overwhelming darkness of his heart lifts.  These were the great kings of old and now found, the descendent of these heroic men.  The fiery darkness seeks to reenter his heart through a chink left by pride.  This ranger of the north is no king of men; he who cares and trusts elven kind more.  What right has Aragorn to supplant his father, always steward, never king.  Once again, He who is Boromir fades behind the darkness of the evil one. 



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