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Rising to the Challenge  by annmarwalk

Behind Every Great Man...

“Perhaps we should inspect the bridal chamber one last time? Just to be sure everything is, ah, ready for tonight?”

"As you wish, my lord.”

“Where…where did the flowers come from?”

“The gardeners dug the bulbs, from the garden at the Houses of Healing and potted them up so they would be in bloom today. Narcissus and hyacinth are hardly in season, midsummer.”


“I wrote to milady’s maidservant, several months ago.”

“Ah, very thoughtful of you.”

“No, my lord, very thoughtful of you.”

“Indeed. What are these flowers called, again?”

“Narcissus, hyacinth.”

“Ah, Mormegil…’

“My lord?”

“Which are which?”

2007 MEFA Award Winner - Third Place, Times: Mid Third Age:Drabble

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