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Rising to the Challenge  by annmarwalk

In the Kitchens

You should go to your sisterís, Mag, where youíll be safe.

ďWhy? Iíve not had a civil word from her in forty years. Iíd as soon go quickly, here in my kitchen, as have my last days full of her clacketing.Ē

You donít know as it would be quick.

ďIt would be quick. Iíve a few knives Iíve kept extra-sharp. Small ones, but theyíll do the job. Iíll be ready when the time comes, and take some with me.Ē

We may be down to pease porridge at the end, but cooking is my duty here, and Iíll not shirk it.

For the "Preparations" challenge at tolkien_weekly.

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