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Birthday Drabbles and Suchlike  by annmarwalk

I hear that Legolas has visitors: tall and fair, elves! Our queen’s twin brothers, friends of the king, from his childhood! That is the gossip in our kitchens. I will go see for myself.

I can move quietly too, perhaps not as quietly as an elf, but I have been practicing, trying to learn rangerly ways. There could still be orcs about, and I must be ready to defend Gondor, like my uncle did.

There they are, under the beech tree – watching birds, perhaps? Are there not birds in Imladris? Where are their weapons? I should like to see their bright swords.

Damn that twig! They are looking right at me! Of course, they are elves – with their powers, they probably could hear me from the time I left home. Well then, no secrecy or surprise; best I speak straight out what is in my mind.

“Greetings, my lords. I am Elboron, son of Faramir, Steward of Gondor. Did you know my uncle Boromir? Can you tell me about him?”

They smile at each other – another small boy, seeking tales - and beckon me closer. “Sit, young ranger. We will tell you of a warrior we met, once, in Imladris….”

LKK had asked for Elladan and Elrohir; but somehow I found it easier to get inside a small boy's head than anywhere near an elf.

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