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Various Drabbles  by Cheryl

This was written for the challenge to drabble the Silmarillion. It was the only way I could think of to drabble a chapter like "Of Beleriand and its Realms," which is mostly a geography lesson! ;-)


With careful touch, his hand drew long strokes; lines shaping the blank canvas into Beleriand.

Flat…colorless, he thought, adding the wavy path of the River Sirion. Nothing of the splendor and majesty that once lived here.

Girdle of Melian his hand carefully scripted the words, void of the strength and power of the Maia that created it.

Angband. Shivers of dread swept through him. Although Melkor’s stronghold was gone, the name still carried a strong, persistent evil.

Ered Luin. That, which was the east, now is the west.

Beneath the water Beleriand now lay. Only this map would remember it.

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