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Instruments  by Beethovens7th

Instruments of Healing

  -Written for Marigold’s Challenge #10

--Especially huge thanks to Pearl Took and Mysterious Ways for editing for me!

Tharon pushed his horse to great speeds on his journey back to Rivendell, often riding through the night.  The hobbit girl’s state did not change and this worried the ranger.  The only sounds she made were at night, when she would scream or cry out in her sleep.  During the worst of her nightmares, Tharon would hold her and caress the dirty, sweaty curls from her face.  Softly he would sing to her, his mellow tenor voice soothing her soul.  Finally she would still, but come morning, no great change ever came.  She remained motionless and silent, only eating if Tharon put food in her mouth, and even then, could only manage broth, even chewing seemed beyond the small lass. 

The girl’s condition greatly angered the gentle ranger.  Gandalf had requested that the Dunadain keep an eye on the Shire while he was away.   Tharon spent a great deal of time at this task, volunteering for the duty often.  Watching the Hobbits in their happy carefree lives was a balm to his soul.  He could come back from a tour of tracking the foulest creatures of the land, with the heaviest of hearts, and be healed just by watching this innocent peaceful land.  The thought of evil taking hold of the Shire was more than he could bear.

One unseasonably warm, sunny day, they came upon a small gentle brook .  Tharon decided to halt for the day and try to see to some of the girls other needs.  He built a fire and settled the girl nearby, although not facing the fire as he had noticed the sight of fire caused her distress.  He retrieved some of the crystal clear water from the brook and began heating it over the fire.  Meanwhile he sought out a particular plant which in the spring would have pink flowers, often used by adventurers as a substitute for soap.  Easiest to use would be the leaves, but as this was the tail end of winter, no leaves were yet to be found.  So he made due with the roots. 

Gently Tharon removed her filthy garments and laid them aside to wash later.  Using a soft cloth from his pack he worked up a lather with the root and some of the now warm water.  As skillfully as one accustomed to caring for the sick, he bathed her still form.  All of the Dunadain were well versed in the healing arts.  Rangers out on their own needed to know how to look after themselves and others they may come upon needing assistance.  The entire time he kept her wrapped in several blankets, only revealing the arm, leg or other part he was washing, each time quickly covering her back up again.  He was especially mindful of the numerous bruises she received from the rough men.   Some were already starting to fade, and fortunately, Elrohir and Eladan had detected no broken bones.  After retrieving fresh water he washed her hair, combing it out as best he could with his fingers.  Leaving her to warm by the fire he took her dress to the brook and washed it using more of the root.  He then hung it over a nearby branch to dry by the fire.  She was by no means perfectly clean yet, but she must be more comfortable than she had been previously.  In fact that night she seemed to sleep more deeply, with fewer of the troubling nightmares.

The next day he dressed her again in her now cleaner, yet still very worn gown.  He packed up the horse, settled the girl in front of him and they continued on their journey north.



Tharon rode across the Fords of Bruinen late one rainy evening.   He and his charge were soaked through to the skin.    Calling forth a nearby elven guard, Tharon dismounted from his horse and lifted the girl down, cradling her in his arms as he would a small human child.  She had still not spoken.  The hobbit girl seemed to be sinking further and further into the darkness that consumed her.    

The guard approached and Tharon spoke,  “I was sent by Elrohir to come quickly to Lord Elrond.   Our company came upon evil men who had taken this hobbit captive.  What else was done to her I do not know, but she fails rapidly.   Direct me if you will to Lord Elrond.  And also, if you could find someone to see to my horse, for he has taken us over great distances quickly, but I dare not pause to see to his needs for this small ones needs are far greater.”

The guard took the horse’s reigns and replied, “Worry not for your horse, he will be seen to.  Lord Elrond can usually be found in the great hall at this time of day.” 

“Thank you my friend.”   With a bow of his head he strode quickly off to the Last Homely House in search of Elrond, the only one who may yet be able to save this innocent girl. 



Elrond was in his seat in the great hall with Lady Arwen at his side.  They were sipping wine and listening to the singing of many elves.  Despite the tranquil peace of the place and music, concern and dark thoughts creased his brow.  Tharon felt great relief at seeing him.   He approached quickly, dripping water as he went.  “Lord Elrond, I beg pardon for my hasty approach.  I have ridden at great speed over many days to find you.  I have come from the party of Dunadain that includes also Elrohir and Eladan.  I have brought back a hobbit lass whose needs exceeded your sons abilities to heal.” 

Elrond rose and approached.  “In such circumstances pardon is not needed but is given easily.  Bring the girl and we will see what can be done.  Arwen will take you to a room while I gather what I need.  Then you can tell me what you know of her and how your party came to find her.”

Arwen led Tharon to a chamber and was soon joined there by Elrond and an elven maid who was introduced to Tharon as Alatriel.  While Arwen and Alatriel began attending to the girls immediate needs, Elrond drew Tharon from the room.  Tharon resisted leaving his charge, but Elrond insisted.  “Let her be bathed and warm dry clothes put on her.  They will come for me quickly if a change occurs.”

Handing Tharon a cup of wine to warm him, Elrond requested the tale from the ranger.  Tharon complied with every possible detail.  When he told of how his singing seemed to be the only thing that could even in the smallest measurement calm the girl, Elrond nodded and made a mental note to himself to keep that bit of information in mind while deciding on the girls healing.

Presently, Alatriel came to tell them that the hobbit was settled, now warm and dry in a bed.  Upon entering the room, Tharon saw that her eyes were still open, seeing what horrors he couldn’t imagine.  He truly hoped that Elrond could heal the girl as he had become quite attached to her.  She could have been one of his own small nieces.  That such evil should be allowed to exist was deplorable to him.  He was happy to see that she was now well and truly clean.  Surely that must feel better to her.  Her hair was now made soft, slightly damp curly piles on the pillow under her head.  Tharon brushed a damp curl off her cheek before returning his attention to Elrond.

Elrond spoke softly.  “This young hobbit has clearly had the best of care with you.  You, Tharon son of Thelor, have served her honorably, but now I command you to serve also yourself.  Alatriel will guide you to a room where you may take some rest.”

“Please Lord Elrond, I wish to assist you in her healing and then I must be away.  You know of our party’s urgent mission.  I must gather those of the Dunadain as I may find and hurry to meet Halbarad and your sons.”

“I do know of your party’s mission, I know also that there is time yet.  A day or two spent here will find more of the Dunadain gathered here and thus your quest back here would be all the more rewarded.  Go now and rest, I will send for you if there is a change in the girl.”

Tharon bowed at the waist and replied, “Yes Lord Elrond.  And thank you for the news of arrival of more of my brothers, their numbers, however few, will be welcomed by Aragorn I am sure.”

As he left the room with Alatriel in the lead, Elrond turned to his small patient.




Morning found Tharon warm, dry and refreshed.  He felt as though he had slept for a week.  Bounding out of bed, he dressed promptly in clothes that had been laid out for him.  Although his training as a ranger had taught him to be a light sleeper, he had not heard someone come into his room to exchange his filthy wet clothes for these dry ones.  He was accustomed to the elves and their ways however so it did not cause him to worry about his ability to awaken instantly if needed.

As though waiting for him, an elf approached him as soon as he began down the passageway that would take him to the Hobbit girl. 

“Lord Elrond bids you good morning.  He requested that I come to you and inform you that the girl is doing well and has shown some improvement.  She is sleeping now however so he suggests that you partake of some food before meeting with him in his rooms to discuss the girl.”

“Thank you.  I will take his advice.  I feel as though I haven’t eaten for days.  Do you know how long I slept?” replied Tharon.

“You have slept for as long as you had need, as do all who visit elven lands.  Now it is morning and so time to break your fast.  If you will follow me I will take you to the dining hall and afterwards to Lord Elrond.”




After eating his fill at breakfast, Tharon joined Elrond in his rooms.  Elrond stopped his pacing to turn to the ranger’s knock on the already open door.  “Come in please.” Said Elrond.  “The hobbit girl is resting peacefully it would seem.  I have someone sitting with her at all times should her sleep grow restless.  Indeed you were correct.  Song does seem to bring her peace, where little else does, therefore those watching over her sleep are prepared with particularly restful, healing songs.”

Tharon nodded in understanding and replied, “That is well.  What is to become of her?  I know not her name, yet I feel great concern for her.  Although a hobbit, she reminds me so much of my nieces.  Also, I have become quite fond of the Hobbits in my guarding of them, and am troubled to see them so treated.  I would like to do whatever I can in the healing of her.”

Elrond placed a hand on the young rangers shoulder.  “Your caring is apparent and true.  It does you great credit.”  He then moved to sit and gestured for Tharon to join him.  “What the child needs most now is time.”

“Is there time for her?  With all the evil moving ever faster in this world, will there be time for a small hobbit girl to heal?”

“You have done well to bring her here; for here is one of the few places she can receive some of that time.  In elven lands time has less meaning.  She will be given all the time she requires.  Other things as well we will find to heal her.  I believe that music will be a large part of it.  We will teach her elvish music.  I have foreseen great music in her future.  She is destined to accomplish a great deed in her way.  This small hobbit girl will aid in the healing of the Shire, which will in turn complete her own healing.  We will heal her in mind, body and spirit in preparation for that day.”

Tharon left his conversation with Elrond feeling greatly eased in the matter of the hobbit girl.  Afterwards Elrond gave him messages to take to his sons when they met again and also any advice as he could think to give to help Tharon on his way.  Already two more of the Dunadain had gathered at Rivendell to ride out with Tharon.  Two more were expected within a day or so.  When they had arrived the small band of rangers would ride with all speed to join with Halbarad’s party on their way to meet Aragorn in Rohan. 

Tharon spent most of the time in his days remaining to him in Rivendell with the child.  Her nightmares became less and less frequent.  The elves sitting with her taught the healing songs to Tharon so that he might assist in her healing.  The songs would also provide some relief to those injured in his future on the battlefields. 

The final night that was to be spent in Rivendell by the small band of rangers was spent by Tharon with Harmony.  He sang to her off and on all night even though she did not cry out from nightmares even once.  His mellow voice wove itself into her dreams and kept them peaceful.  No evil men haunted her that night.  Her parents did not look upon her with charred faces, but as she had seen them so often, smiling in the sun, her father in the fields and her mother in the small garden of vegetables.  Her siblings she saw running toward a creek over which hung a rope swing; one of their favorite places to play during warm days. 

Tharon’s song chased the last of the dark shadows out her dreams that night.  They would in the future haunt her occasionally, but that night she knew peace.  The hobbit girl, who had been through so much, awoke in the morning to see such beauty.  Rivendell shone in the morning light and her room was more beautiful than any palace she had ever dreamed of.  Looking down on her was a handsome human face.  He was nothing like the men who had tortured her she knew right away.  In fact, somehow, he seemed familiar to her.  When he spoke “Good Morning” to her, she knew why.  His was one of the voices of her pleasant dreams.  His had played the largest part in banishing the shadows and his was the voice she would never forget.

“Good Morning dear lass.  Welcome to Rivendell.” Tharon said when she looked at him.  He had seen no fear in her eyes, and for the first time since he had rescued her from the evil men, he could tell she was truly seeing the world around her. 

When the girl realized what the man had said to her, she startled.  Rivendell?  She had heard of it of course, but had always to thought it to be a fairy tale,  a place invented for children’s stories.  As she looked around the room in which she lay, with its golden light, gauzy draperies and the silk covers over her, she could believe that she was in a fairy tale.  Still, she spoke with a voice scratchy from lack of use, “Rivendell?”

“Yes.” Said the man, “I brought you to Rivendell, the Last Homely House, Home of Lord Elrond Half-elven.”

The girl frowned in thought, “I was in a dark place, there were men, three evil men, they did, something, something. . . “

Sensing her growing distress Tharon sought to comfort her.   “Shh, Shh, It is done.  The evil is gone.  There are no dark shadows in Rivendell.  Lord Elrond has cared for you.” 

She looked around her cautiously, and found his words to be true, there were no dark shadows here, only golden light and peace.  She settled into her pillows again as Tharon sang softly to her.  “You saved me.”  She sighed, “You chased away the shadows.  It was your voice I heard.”

Tharon didn’t know what to say to that, so he just reached up and took her hand.  She responded by clinging tightly with both hands to his much larger one.  He stayed with her, still singing as she fell into a peaceful sleep.



That evening Tharon rode along on his horse with the four Dunadain who had responded to his calls for assistance to ride to Aragorn.  He smiled remembering the afternoon spent with the hobbit girl, singing, talking and telling her stories.  By the time he bid her farewell and promised to visit her again someday, she was very tired and ready for sleep once more, this time clutching his own cloak which he had gifted to her.

She had reawakened after that first small nap with a smile, still holding tightly to his hand.  Elrond had come in earlier to check on his small patient.  Speaking quietly to Tharon, Elrond told him that the Dunadain were ready to ride out with all haste.  Tharon pleaded a few more hours of time.  “He had grown close to the girl and was reluctant to leave her.”  Elrond agreed and left the girl to his care.  Now as she smiled up at him he was doubly sure it was the right decision to make. 

“I’m hungry.”  The girl said, just has her stomach audibly announced the same message. 

“I would think you are small one, I will have food sent up to us immediately.  My name is Tharon son of Thelor by the way.  And who do I have the honor of serving?”  he asked her with a courtly  bow.

“My name, is Harmony.”



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