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Drabbles  by Acacea

Distant Lands

"Mithrandir says you have travelled many lands," Faramir ventured.

"I suppose I have," Aragorn admitted smiling. He'd been assured that to truly converse as a friend with his Steward he need speak of no more than his ventures in distant lands.

"Tell him of elven lands, Harad, Khand, oliphaunts, kines; you will have him enthralled for hours," Gandalf had said, "I have related countless tales before but he will have more from you gladly."

"Where would you like to hear of?" Aragorn asked, "Harad? Lothlorien? Mirkwood?"

Faramir's eyes turned westwards where the white mountains stretched far.

"Tell me of Edoras."


Note: For the "Edoras" challenge on the Tolkien_weekly community

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