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Eucatastrophe  by Dreamflower

DISCLAIMER: Middle Earth and all its people belong to the Tolkien Estate. I own none of them. Some of them, however, seem to own me.


“But what then would happen, if the Ruling Ring were destroyed, as you counsel?” asked Gloin.

“We know not for certain,” answered Elrond sadly. “Some hope that the Three Rings, which Sauron has never touched, would then become free, and their rulers might heal the hurts of the world that he has wrought. But maybe when the One has gone, the Three will fail, and many fair things will fade and be forgotten. That is my belief.”

( The Fellowship of the Ring, Book 2, Chapter 2, “The Council of Elrond”)

The night before the Last Battle, as the Host of the West was encamped in the Desolation of the Morannon, Gandalf sat awake, and communed from afar with the other two wielders of the Three.

From Elrond came the thought: Círdan has sent a message; he bade me ask, ‘Whence did we get the idea that the Three would fail, if the One be destroyed?’

And Galadriel thought: This was agreed upon long ago, by the White Council, that it was most likely the outcome.

Then Gandalf gave a laugh, as he sent forth his thought: And from whom in the White Council did we first receive this idea? Saruman. Whose feet were already on a path to treachery. And whose Voice had long been accustomed to lies.

And a hope that they had never before dared entered into the hearts of the rulers of the Three Elven Rings.


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