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Eloquent Remembrance  by Sphinx


a)For the purposes of this story, I have taken Celeborn’s origin as detailed by the Silmarillion, which states that he was an Elf of Doriath, and had never been to Aman.

b)Furthermore, Tolkien did not make it clear if Celeborn ever returned to Valinor, so that assumption is completely fanon on my part.

c) Finarfin did come to Middle-earth once, during the War of Wrath. It is unclear as to whether he ever met Celeborn or not during that time, and I have assumed that he did not.

d) The Silmarillion states early on that there was ‘great love’ between Celeborn, depicted as a kinsman of Thingol, and Galadriel. While it mentions no specific date of their marriage, I have presumed that they were acknowledged lovers throughout most of the First Age before getting married.

Thank you, all!!

I love reviews. That is a not so-subtle hint. ;)


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