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Fashion Statements  by Grey Wonderer

Chapter 6 Explanations

"But, father, he deserved it! I was only paying him back for the way he teased me!" Pervinca Took was whining. The minute that she had seen the men go into the study with someone in Pervincaís dress, Eglantine had hauled her daughter in there to get to the bottom of things.

All the while that Pervinca was pleading her case, Pippin was pulling at the collar on the dress and squirming. While he was enjoying his sisterís plight, his own situation was becoming quite uncomfortable. The itching was worse. "Stand still or youíll tear that dress," his mother commanded.

"But mum, it itches something fierce!" Pippin complained. Beside of him, Merry reached over and began to rub his cousinís back. It helped some, but not enough. "Mum, please?" Pippin tried.

"Eglantine, will you get the lad out of that frock?" Paladin groaned.

"Yes, dear."

"Discreetly, Eglantine. The fewer folks that know about this, the better." Paladin looked as if he might want to hide for a while and Frodo felt sorry for him. Hiding wasnít a great deal of fun.

"Pervinca, you will come along and I will have a bit of a surprise for you young lady!" Eglantine said, sternly.

"Mum, I hardly think she deserves a surprise," Pippin objected, as his mother lead him and his sister from the room.

Paladin sighed. "Not one word, Saradoc," he warned.

Saradoc grinned. "I wouldn't dream of saying anything about Pippinís frock, Paladin. After all, my son was dancing with him." He looked over at Merry who blushed furiously and began to object.

"Well, I didnít know it was him!í

"That was quite clear when you were grinning like an idiot at me and looking quite pleased with your new conquest," Frodo smiled.

"Frodo!" Merry growled.

"Oh, really?" Saradoc grinned.

"It was that darn hat," Merry said.

"What?" Paladin wondered.

"Well, the way he kept hiding behind that hat, well, it was kind of interesting. I must like hats on lasses because that was what I was, well, I did think he was a lass you know!" Merry said.

"Oh, yes, you were completely fooled," Frodo offered in a helpful voice. "From where I was standing, I thought you were going to be very proud of yourself for quite some time for having danced with this one."

"Frodo," Merry moaned.

"I'm just trying to help you sort it all out, Merry," Frodo said.

"Well, quit helping me," Merry pleaded.

"Now, we are even, cousin," Frodo grinned.

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