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Lady Love an Outlaw - Parts 1 through 4  by Chathol-linn
In which Gríma reaches the point of no return,Théodred's unexpected injury involves Éomer in a dangerous adventure, and Lothiriel meets the love of her life - in a way that complies with the canon that says they met after the Ring War. Caution - Part 4 is rated R for graphic sex. All 4 parts of this story are complete. I published them sequentially during October and November, 2003. I did some revising in March and April 2004. I am taking this opportunity to put all 4 chapters in one place.
Status: Complete
Chapter  1: Deceit and Danger7
Chapter  2: The Onion Man0
Chapter  3: Journeys End in Lovers Meeting0
Chapter  4: The Sweetest Song - Rated R3

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