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Import Duty  by DADGAD
Aragorn makes a rash promise in Council, that he himself would always obey any duly constituted laws of Gondor and Arnor, just like he requires his subjects to do. Faramir is concerned about the possible problems this might cause, especially as there are many laws and regulations going back through the years of the Stewards. A few weeks later Aragorn is asked to account for the provenance of a 'special' item which he has apparently imported into Gondor...
Status: Complete
Chapter  1: The Council Meeting2
Chapter  2: A Few Weeks Later2
Chapter  3: Forms and Complications1
Chapter  4: Some time later... (The Meeting Continues)1
Chapter  5: Bills of Lading0
Chapter  6: 'A Thousand Thousands...'1
Chapter  7: The Return of Faramir1
Chapter  8: '... is called a Million'1
Chapter  9: All's Well that Ends Well (we hope)2
Chapter 10: Author's Notes1

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