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Hostage of Hate  by Littlefish
A man full of hatred and bent on revenge is after Aragorn and will stop at nothing to see the King of Gondor completely destroyed! When Legolas is kidnapped, Aragorn and Gimli must begin a dangerous quest to bring their friend home. *sequal to Dark Horizons*
Status: Complete
Chapter  1: Messages in the Night0
Chapter  2: The Announcement0
Chapter  3: Complications0
Chapter  4: No Room for Mistakes0
Chapter  5: An Act of War0
Chapter  6: Confessions0
Chapter  7: Veiled Skies0
Chapter  8: At the Edge of the Storm0
Chapter  9: Calm Before the Storm0
Chapter 10: Traps!0
Chapter 11: Unanswered Questions0
Chapter 12: Fate Held in the Hands of Another0
Chapter 13: Defiance0
Chapter 14: A Gift From the Valar0
Chapter 15: Desperation0
Chapter 16: Torment in Small Doses0
Chapter 17: Doubts and Decisions0
Chapter 18: Road to Khand0
Chapter 19: Evil Unveiled0
Chapter 20: Only the Boy1
Chapter 21: Fighting the Darkness1
Chapter 22: Friends of the Future, Foes of the Past0
Chapter 23: Sighs and Moans0
Chapter 24: Ragged Plans0
Chapter 25: Simple Tasks0
Chapter 26: Valar, Keep them Safe0
Chapter 27: Revelations0
Chapter 28: Plots0
Chapter 29: Unexpected Developments0
Chapter 30: A Race Against Time0
Chapter 31: Desperate Rescue0
Chapter 32: An End to Evil0
Chapter 33: A Time to Rest7

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