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The Ranger and the Eagles  by Cairistiona
The hunt for Gollum has passed its first summer, but will it survive its first winter? A tale for Lily Baggins, who wanted a simple hurt-comfort drabble between Aragorn and Gandalf... but a drabble just wouldn't do! Special thanks to Inzilbeth and Estelcontar for their faithful beta-work (and work it was at times!) 2011 MEFA nomination.
Status: Complete
Chapter  1: "Elbereth... hear me... help me..."16
Chapter  2: Better at Blazes Than Bandages19
Chapter  3: Wishing For a Penny Beyond Reach15
Chapter  4: A Bit Feeble in the Feathers20
Chapter  5: Tuck Your Head Under13
Chapter  6: Grab Him and Eat Him and Spit Out His Bones...15
Chapter  7: The Dwarf Didn't Like It Either14
Chapter  8: To Beorn's With All Due Speed15
Chapter  9: Two Days Spent with Aragorn and He's Become Just as Obstinate18
Chapter 10: Only A Farewell For a Season14
Chapter 11: Epilogue - Soaring Wings21
Chapter 12: Appendix - "Please Try Not to Bite Me Like Last Time."10

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