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A Little Nudge Out of the Door  by Jocelyn
Legolas's adventures as he comes of age sixty years before LOTR.
Status: Complete
Chapter  1: The Quiet One2
Chapter  2: Friends, Foes and Snapping Branches2
Chapter  3: A Novice No More2
Chapter  4: Of Elven Princes and Arranged Marriages2
Chapter  5: Girls, Girls, Girls!2
Chapter  6: Rights and Privileges2
Chapter  7: The Nudge2
Chapter  8: Out of the Door2
Chapter  9: The Apple Tree1
Chapter 10: Of Places Left Behind1
Chapter 11: Ears and Beards2
Chapter 12: Of Price and Worth1
Chapter 13: Sins of the Father1
Chapter 14: The Mirror of Galadriel1
Chapter 15: Shadows in the Golden Wood1
Chapter 16: Farewell to Lorien2
Chapter 17: All Things Must Change2
Chapter 18: Fight or Flight2
Chapter 19: The Ranger1
Chapter 20: Trust2
Chapter 21: Each Night I Dream of Home2
Chapter 22: Feasting, Frolicking, and Farewells1
Chapter 23: The Counsel of Elrond1
Chapter 24: An Elf Alone2
Chapter 25: Forgiveness1
Chapter 26: Those Words We Said2
Chapter 27: Old Friends, Older Enemies1
Chapter 28: Failure1
Chapter 29: The Council of Elrond1
Chapter Epilogue: Famous Last Words11

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