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With Hope and Without Hope  by docmon
FIRST PLACE in 2008 MEFA Awards! One decision made differently--the Three Hunters run through that second night of their chase after the Orcs rather than rest--and everything changes. Well, not everything. They're merely captured like Merry and Pippin. One decision changed doesn't change one's destiny, however. Reaching the fate destiny has in store for them is a bit peskier, though. There's action, adventure, suspense, a bit of angst, and hopefully an enjoyable story for all. Feedback welcome. Thanks as ever to the tireless beta, Thundera Tiger!
Status: Complete
Chapter  1: Decision2
Chapter  2: Taking Winnings4
Chapter  3: To Isengard3
Chapter  4: Looking for Escape4
Chapter  5: Hope against Hope6
Chapter  6: Orthanc7
Chapter  7: Hope Fails6
Chapter  8: Dreams9
Chapter  9: Plans8
Chapter 10: Reality9
Chapter 11: Travel7
Chapter 12: Strange Sights7
Chapter 13: Freedom for the Taking8
Chapter 14: Brief Freedom6
Chapter 15: Healing6
Chapter 16: Breaking4
Chapter 17: Reunions and Returns8
Chapter 18: Going Forth6
Chapter 19: Farewell8
Chapter 20: Epilogue11

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