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New Roads and Secret Gates  by Citrine
Yet another collection of unrelated short LotR ficlets, drabbles, and whatnot: And now belatedly, 'A Dream in the alain silberstein replica House of Beorn', a double-drabble from The Hobbit, MIA since about 2006.
Status: Complete
Chapter  1: Ale and Conversation17
Chapter  2: The Dwarf's Conundrum3
Chapter  3: River and Willow3
Chapter  4: On Ravenhill3
Chapter  5: Stone6
Chapter  6: A Moment of Desperation5
Chapter  7: Three Hobbits and a Little Spellcheck5
Chapter  8: The Archer's Homecoming8
Chapter  9: Golden Slumbers2
Chapter 10: To Merry, On His Birthday2
Chapter 11: On The Way Home6
Chapter 12: Mumak5
Chapter 13: Beyond the Sunset, O Blissful Morning10
Chapter 14: Lost and Found4
Chapter 15: It's the Thought That Counts...6
Chapter 16: A Dream in the House of Beorn4

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