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History Lessons: The Third Age  by Nilmandra
The events of the War of the Ring as seen from Elrond's perspective, with remembrances into the earlier years of the Third Age.

Chapter 18: The Ring-bearers take the Straight Road into the West. Elrond is reunited with Celebrian, but also with someone he did not expect, and Gandalf's mission is completed.

*Story now complete. What was going to be a few epilogues will instead be made into their own story.*
Status: Complete
Chapter  1: The Most Hardy of Living Men28
Chapter  2: The Grey Pilgrim21
Chapter  3: Man of Skill15
Chapter  4: The Lord of Abomination19
Chapter  5: The Lord of Abomination Part II18
Chapter  6: The Ring-bearer22
Chapter  7: Lords of Dignity and Power20
Chapter  8: The Sons of Elrond23
Chapter  9: The Evenstar24
Chapter 10: The Company22
Chapter 11: Vilya18
Chapter 12: Narya20
Chapter 13: Seven Stars and Seven Stone and One White Tree25
Chapter 14: The Wedding22
Chapter 15: Queen of Elves and Men17
Chapter 16: Cup of Sorrows19
Chapter 17: The Dominion of Men11
Chapter 18: The Straight Road32

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