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Leaf and Branch  by JastaElf
Elrond and his sons assist the Elves of Mirkwood in an attempt to rescue a very young Prince who has been captured by Orcs.
Status: Complete
Chapter  1: Not a Good Day2
Chapter  2: Tree Rats, Smelly and Otherwise0
Chapter  3: The Hunt is Up...0
Chapter  4: Stinking Bag of Orc Guts...and Worse...0
Chapter  5: Ai, Elbereth, the Child...0
Chapter  6: The Price of Singing With Eagles...0
Chapter  7: Shadow Has Never Been a Father...0
Chapter  8: If Someone Ask You If You Are a Vala, Say Yes...0
Chapter  9: Inscrutable are the Ways of Elven Elders...0
Chapter 10: The Force of Law and Tradition0
Chapter Epilogue 2: 4

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