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Far Horizons  by Bodkin
The elves of Middle Earth seek to find themselves new homes in the Blessed Realm. Epilogue. The end.
Status: Complete
Chapter  1: Beginnings5
Chapter  2: Afield4
Chapter  3: At Home5
Chapter  4: Paper Chase5
Chapter  5: Getting There6
Chapter  6: Late4
Chapter  7: Fishing6
Chapter  8: Finding the Way4
Chapter  9: Safety Lines3
Chapter 10: Justice5
Chapter 11: Meetings7
Chapter 12: In the Open3
Chapter 13: Joining the Party8
Chapter 14: Loyalties7
Chapter 15: Unravelling5
Chapter 16: Revelations5
Chapter 17: Loss6
Chapter 18: Lessons6
Chapter 19: Seeking8
Chapter 20: Mirrors6
Chapter 21: Hunting7
Chapter 22: Hunted4
Chapter 23: Love's Memory11
Chapter 24: Coming Together6
Chapter 25: Settling5
Chapter 26: Sprung6
Chapter 27: Anticipation5
Chapter 28: Journey's End10
Chapter Epilogue: Lovers' Meeting16

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