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The Care and Feeding of Hobbits  by Baylor
Ruminations on the Little People by Boromir, Man of Gondor. FOTR. (Epilogue is ROTK.)
Status: Complete
Chapter  1: Lesson One: Hobbits need a good night's sleep1
Chapter  2: Lesson Two: Hobbit Genealogy0
Chapter  3: Lesson Three: Hobbit Grooming0
Chapter  4: Lesson Four: Hobbits make loyal companions0
Chapter  5: Lesson Five: Making good use of your hobbit2
Chapter  6: Lesson Six: Hobbits and blizzards are not a good mix0
Chapter  7: Lesson Seven: Guiding your hobbit over difficult terrain0
Chapter  8: Lesson Eight: Hobbit resiliency and good nature1
Chapter  9: Lesson Nine: Hobbits are quick learners, so be careful what you teach them0
Chapter 10: Lesson Ten: Keeping your hobbit entertained0
Chapter 11: Epilogue: Hobbit Love10

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