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Journey's End  by Nilmandra
This story is a sequel to May the Valar Protect them, and follows young Legolas, Tathiel, Tinania and Earundra as they settle in at home. Thranduil forges a parent bond with his young son, a special guest appears in the last chapter and decisions must be made about the White Council.
Status: Complete
Chapter  1: Introduction & Character List2
Chapter  2: Warm Pools and Naked Elflings3
Chapter  3: Tears and Temper Tantrums1
Chapter  4: Eärundra's Surprise1
Chapter  5: Letting Go1
Chapter  6: Memories - or Legolas' bad day 3
Chapter  7: The Healer's Report1
Chapter  8: Changing Spaces1
Chapter  9: The Wedding2
Chapter 10: Decisions16

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